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February 2018

Annual Awards Recognize Excellence in Local Police Work

Sahuarita Mayor Tom Murphy and Police Chief John Noland pose for photo with award winners Holly Graves and Julie Rosales.

Sahuarita Mayor Tom Murphy and Police Chief John Noland congratulate award winners Holly Graves and Julie Rosales.

During the evening of Jan. 12, the Sahuarita Police Department (SPD) held its 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony at the Rancho Resort Clubhouse. In attendance were Sahuarita Mayor Tom Murphy and Council Members Duane Blumberg, Bill Bracco and Kara Egbert.   

The SPD recognized the efforts and quality work done by employees during 2017. Employees were presented with service pins noting career accomplishments related to special assignments or collateral duties. Additionally, listed below are those employees who received end of year awards in various categories.  

• Meritorious Award: Lt. Sam Almodova, Ofc. Tom Johnston, O&M Administrator Patti Kerr, Lt. Matt McGlone, Cpl. Aaron Medina, Sgt. Carlos Navarrete, Ofc. Kelsey Santos, Cpl. James Velasquez, Ofc. Jesse Villanueva, and Sgt. Juan Zamora

• Leadership Award: Lt. Matt McGlone and Sgt. Juan Zamora
• Livesaving Award: Cmdr. Kaleb Allred
• Employee of the Year Award: Ofc. Holly Graves
• Chief’s Citation Award: Police Records Supervisor Julie Rosales

Lifesaving: During 2017, Commander Allred conducted a lifesaving Heimlich maneuver multiple times on a male who was choking to death in a local restaurant. The victim was unable to breath, collapsed, and had turned blue. He applied the maneuver four times, twice while having to support the full weight of the victim. These actions saved the man’s life. 

Employee of the Year: Officer Holly Graves was selected by her peers and managers as Employee of the Year in recognition of her superior work and work ethic associated with her regular duties and a variety of projects and programs. Officer Graves assisted in patrol, training, management and development of grants; helped initiate the SPD Body Worn Camera program; coordinated and participated in the Department’s first ever Tip A Cop event to Benefit Special Olympics; identified a quality system to track all department training; assisted staff in the records bureau for several weeks; responded to multiple emergency incidents while on her regularly scheduled time off; and worked as part of a project team updating the Department website and social media.   

Chief’s Citation: Police Records Supervisor Julie Rosales was presented with this award because of her overall work performance and superior work ethic. During 2017, Supervisor Rosales worked on several projects and programs, along with her regular duties. Supervisor Rosales made important advancements in the further development of Lexipol policies and Nixle to assist with public communication. She also taught civilian and sworn staff in multiple areas including State and National Law Enforcement databases, and the new Spillman Report Writing Module.

Supervisor Rosales made significant progress in SPD forms development by developing, updating, and creating multiple forms that assist employees, police reporting, and the public. In yet another area that will help with making the SPD more efficient and effective, Supervisor Rosales identified and initiated a software system to help produce Digital Training Bulletins that will greatly assist in the training of employees while maintaining an official record of the training.  

Photo Below: The SPD Awards were not all pomp and circumstance with a few interspersed breaks for arm wrestling matches to settle small, departmental disputes between staff, and to afford the opportunity for emcee Sgt. Blevins to hand out door prizes. "I don't want to hurt you, Kaleb," said Big Al, as the two went into battle over a day-spa gift certificate.

String of six photos depicting arm wrestling match between Commander Kaleb Allred and Big Al
Photo of Officer Robert Mohr in uniform blues with United States flag and gray backdrop

New SPD Recruit Was Awarded PCSD Academy's Highest Honor

A graduate of Pima County Sheriff Department's (PCSD) regional academy--was awarded the Timothy D. Graham Leadership Award in December. Officer Robert Mohr, a recent Sahuarita Police Department recruit, was given this distinction upon graduation from the academy.

Recipients of this award are chosen by members of the academy class and the PCSD  training staff. Those chosen for this honor have consistently displayed leadership and the true attributes of a professional law enforcement officer.

The award is given in memory of Timothy D. Graham, a Pima County Sheriff's Deputy killed in the line of duty in 2005.

Scholarships Available for Young Women of SUSD

Women of Quail Creek 2018 Scholarships - Two Scholarships Available - Applicants must be accepted to an accredited post-secondary degree or certificate program - enter online at - for more information contact Suzan Bryceland at - deadline february 28, 2018

In March, the Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) will award two scholarships to graduating female students from the Sahuarita Unified School District (SUSD) or another recognized school program. Applicants must demonstrate academic merit and dedication to their community. Each recipient will receive a $1,500 scholarship payable to an accredited post-secondary degree or certificate program. The scholarship can be used for a technical/vocational school or 2 or 4-year college or university program. This is the third year for the scholarship program.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is midnight, Feb. 28. Interviews will take place in March. Recipients will be announced at the end of the interview process and invited to a TWOQC meeting for a formal presentation. 

Did you know converting a garage into a habitable space requires a building permit?

photo of garage undergoing makeover, in construction/demolition progress

Thinking about a room conversion? Please call the Building Safety Division
at 822-8866 for more information.

The Town’s adopted building code defines habitable space as a space in a building for living, sleeping, eating, or cooking. If you have any intentions to construct, enlarge, alter or repair a residence, or to install, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, make sure to submit an application and plans to the Town of Sahuarita’s Building Safety Division and obtain a permit. A plans examiner will be glad to meet with you to go over code requirements.

To comply with the adopted code, requirements apply to all, but are not limited to the following:

  • Light, Ventilation, and Heating
  • Minimum Room Areas
  • Glass
  • Escape Windows
  • Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Wall Construction
  • Electrical Requirements

Wastewater Billing Changes

Wastewater worker emerging from manhole next to toolbox

(Originally Published in the December issue of Sahuarita Scene)

Changes to Sahuarita wastewater fee structures are in effect as of January 1, 2018 and more are coming January 1, 2019. The Sahuarita Town Council unanimously approved changes to the fee structures at the November 13 council meeting. These changes were recommended by a rate study performed by Raftelis Financial, a consultant to the Town. The consultant’s 10-year financial plan for the wastewater utility requires the Wastewater Fund to be a self-sufficient enterprise fund and build capital reserves for future growth as the system expands to serve more residents.

The Council-directed measures, taking effect on Jan. 1, 2018, which address the first two years of the consultant's recommendations, include the following:

  • Average 7% increase, with another average 7% increase coming in 2019. This is an estimate of the increase the average customer will see. The actual increase will vary based on individual water use.
  • The billing unit will be changed from hundreds of cubic feet (CCF’s) to thousands of gallons (Kgals) in order to facilitate comparison of wastewater bills to Sahuarita Water Company bills.
  • Billing will change from a fee based on winter/annual average water use to a fee based on actual, monthly water use. Accordingly, vacancy rates will no longer be offered.
  • All bills will receive a 20% credit for irrigation, representing water used but never treated through the Sahuarita Wastewater system.
  • Customers who opt for paperless billing (e-billing) will be able to receive a $1 per month credit.
  • Customers interested in the new Budget Billing Service will be able to pay a set monthly fee. This option will require that customers have already established one year of water-use history on which to base the fee.
  • Billing date will be changed to the 10th of each month (due by end of month) in order to coincide with Sahuarita Wastewater Company data uploads.

Seeking New Ways to Collect

Stock photo of past due bill addressed to anonymous customer

(Originally Published in the December issue of Sahuarita Scene)

Additional changes coming to Sahuarita Wastewater billing are specifically aimed at collecting past due balances from delinquent customers. The Town Council has adopted changes to the billing process that will facilitate and expedite such collections in order that the cost of such collections is not passed on to customers who pay their bills on time.

These changes include the following:

  • A new late penalty charge of $10 per month on any past due balance
  • Continuation of interest charges at 10% per year, plus a 10% penalty charge on outstanding delinquent balances to help offset collection costs
  • An allowance for all identifiable collection costs to be passed on to the customer (i.e. collection fees charged by outside bill collection agency, small-claims legal fees, etc.)

Making Parks Reservations and Class Registration Easier

CivicRec Logo

(Originally Published in the December issue of Sahuarita Scene)

Reserving a ramada or signing up for a class online just got easier. On November 19, the Parks and Recreation Department went live with its new online registration/reservation software, CivicRec. This new platform is more user-friendly for both the customer as well as internally for staff managing it.
CivicRec allows customers to easily browse through a catalog of all programs, facilities, events and vendor opportunities the Town offers. Customers are able to reserve an available ball field or ramada for a family gathering just by clicking and adding it to their cart. Although some current customers' information was imported into the new system, others may have to create a new account. The Parks and Recreation staff is available to assist anyone who needs help.
In the coming months, staff will continue to customize the online user experience. For example, CivicRec has the ability to allow users the ability to look at pictures of the facility they would like to rent. Staff plan on uploading multiple photographs of each ramada, field and all other facilities so the public can look at our beautiful parks and pick which one best meets their needs.
Sahuarita Parks and Recreation is very happy with CivicRec and invites you to visit the new website to see what we have to offer. You may want to try out a yoga class to calm yourself during your busy days, sign your child up for our Spring Break Camp or just plan a picnic in a ramada by the lake. There is something for everyone and now it is easier to find. The new website is available through the Town's website at

Online catalog of Parks and Recreation classes 

Your Gov Logo

Report Park and Road Issues to the Town: There's an App for That!

YourGov allows anyone with a smart device to report non-emergency, Town-owned park or road issues at the location of the issue or when able; it allows for anonymous or registered user reporting. 

The app allows a phone snapshot of the issue to be attached, along with as much description as needed; with GPS on, shown as a blue circle on the map, the location coordinates are automatically added, or you can manually move the map around to the correct location. 

Once sent from your device, the issue is converted in near-real time to a work request, which automatically alerts appropriate Parks and Recreation or Public Works personnel of the new issue.  Alerted town staff will review, validate, prioritize, and then assign the work request to a town employee’s day-to-day workflow to fix the issue. Please note, for emergency and/or life threatening town infrastructure related issues, please call 911.


If a reported item is for an issue not maintained by the Town, town personnel will report it to the appropriate agency.  If the reported item is outside town boundaries, it will not be sent to the Town; instead, it will be sent to Cartegraph, who will attempt to notify the appropriate municipality.

Use of the app is simple. Create an issue by selecting the “+” (plus sign) on the app.  Satellite or normal map views are available to help pinpoint the issue; the issue being created is shown as a white circle with an orange outline. To move the issue circle location, touch the screen to relocate it, as needed. YourGov will show on the map any issues already reported that have not been completed as a white circle with a black outline; these can be reviewed to check if the new issue in question has already been reported. 

The website (PC) version of YourGov works similarly to the app version, with the exception of automatic GPS location of the issue, and likely touchscreen use. To choose the issue location, either type in a street address, or move/zoom/click to the location of the issue using a mouse. On Cartegraph’s website, there is a short video and other additional information about YourGov.

Sahuarita’s website has a YourGov use and information page.

For more information on YourGov, please contact Public Works (PW) at 344-7100, or the PW Streets Division contact John Garcia at 445-7802 (work) or 250-2979 (cell).  Remember, it’s “YourGov.


All concerts held at Sahuarita Lake South Entrance - Feb. 3 Giant Blue 6 p.m.; March 3 Blue Monsoon 6 p.m. - April 7 Onesall Band 6 p.m. - May 5 Jukebox Junqies 7 p.m. - June 2 Amber Norgaard 7 p.m. - July 7 Little House of Funk 7 p.m. - Aug. 4 East 2 West 7 p.m.

Donate Blood at SPD Drive

Graphic depicting one anthropomorphic heart donating blood to another

March 9 

Sahuarita Police Department
Town Hall Complex
315 W. Sahuarita Center Way
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sign up with Patti Kerr at
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