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      Recently the Police department has had a large increase in the number of complaints about misuse of the public parks. In specific, The Sahuarita Lake Park, has seen an increase in use after the posted hours of Sunrise to Sunset. As a result, in cooperation with the citizens of Sahuarita, the Police will be increasing its patrols of the parks after closing and taking law enforcement action as necessary in order to maintain the high quality of life enjoyed by the Town's citizens.  



Sahuarita lake


Park Hours are from sunrise to sunset


Please click here for almanac sunrise and sunset times


  1. Swimming, wading, glass containers, littering, cleaning of fish on premises and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  2. Boating permitted only between sunrise and sunset.Gas motors prohibited.
  3. Must have proper floatation devices on board.
  4. Animals must be restrained by a leash at all times.


  Daily Bag and Possession Limits

4 catfish
4 trout
2 bass (13 inch minimum)
10 sunfish
Statewide limits apply to all other species


Please follow this link for park rules  and review the signs posted at the North and South ends of the lake