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Planning & Zoning Division
The Planning and Zoning Division reviews all building plans, business licenses, development plans and subdivision plats for zoning compliance. We prepare and revise the General Plan and the Zoning Code and review proposals for such amendments as well as rezonings, conditional uses and variances.

Planning Projects (more information coming soon!)
View information about planning and zoning projects currently underway.

Sahuarita Farms/FICO Minor General Plan Amendment
Status: Scheduled for Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing February 2, 2015
Overview: The minor General Plan Amendment serves three purposes:
  1. Adjust the boundary of the General Plan Special Planning Area, increasing it from 5,237 acres to 5,645 acres; and
  2. Revise land use designations within the Special Planning Area; and
  3. Add text to the General Plan clarifying its relationship to the Sahuarita Town Center and Santa Cruz River Corridor Subarea Plan.

Sahuarita Farms/FICO Specific Plan
Status: Scheduled for Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing February 2, 2015
Overview: The proposed Specific Plan encompasses approximately 5,645 acres and will allow for suburban residential, urban residential, neighborhood commercial, general commercial, local office, general employment, and light industrial land uses. A maximum of 19,055 residential units is proposed. For more information visit www.sahuaritafarms.com/.

Aspire 2035: Sahuarita's General Plan 

Copper Point Specific Plan
Date Submitted: August 13, 2014
Status: Out for revision
Overview: The Copper Point Specific Plan covers approximately 160 acres at the southeast corner of the Pima Mine Road and I-19 interchange. Proposed uses are mixed use, single and multi-family residential, and parks and open space.
Contact: Anna Casadei, AICP, Planning and Zoning Manager

Quick Zoning Information
The following links are designed to be easy references to assist you in finding zoning information, and are not an official source. For official zoning information, please refer to Title 18 of the Town Code or contact Planning and Zoning staff.

Zoning Map
Updated January 2014

Land Use by Zone
This matrix provides a list of uses and zones in which those uses are allowed.

Zoning Summary Guide
This table is a quick reference to development standards for each zone.

The General Plan
The General Plan is the roadmap guiding long-range growth and land development in Sahuarita to meet the needs of current and future populations.  It is the foundation for establishing the goals, policies and tools needed to implement the community vision.

The Town is currently in the process of updating its General Plan. Learn more about the Aspire 2035 General Plan update and get involved!

General Plan Maps

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