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Planning & Zoning Division
The Planning and Zoning Division reviews all building plans, business licenses, development plans and subdivision plats for zoning compliance. We prepare and revise the General Plan and the Zoning Code and review proposals for such amendments as well as rezonings, conditional uses and variances.

Planning Projects 
View information about major planning and zoning projects currently underway.

Wireless Communication Facilities Code Amendment
Status: A public hearing was held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on January 4, 2016. The Commission recommended that the Council approve the proposed amendment. 
Next Steps: A public hearing will be scheduled before the Town Council for a decision. This is anticipated for February 22, 2016.
Overview: The goals of this amendment are to modernize the Town's regulations pertaining to wireless communication facilities (cell towers), to simplify and clarify use of the regulations, and to incorporate new FCC rules for certain collocation applications into the Town's code and processes.
Contact: Anna Casadei, Planning and Zoning Manager

Rancho Sahuarita Specific Plan Amendments
Status: A public hearing was held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on December 7, 2015. The Commission recommended that the Council approve the proposed Specific Plan amendments.
Next Steps: A public hearing is scheduled before the Mayor and Town Council on January 25, 2016. The Town Council will make a final decision.
Overview: Rancho Sahuarita is proposing two amendments to the Rancho Sahuarita Specific Plan. The first amendment is intended to re-zone Pod 26 (located south of Sahuarita Road between I-19 and the western town limits) from Regional Commercial to Park Industrial. This amendment also allows Regional Commercial uses within the Park Industrial zone. The second amendment would allow for a gas station and a retail auto parts and accessories store in Pod 37 (northeast corner of Sahuarita Road and Rancho Sahuarita Boulevard).
Contact: Dylan Parry, Planner

Digital Signs Amendment
Status: Draft revisions ongoing. 
Next Steps: A public hearing was held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on December 7, 2015. This hearing included a demonstration of different amounts of light emanating from digital signs. At this public hearing, the Commission voted to table the matter pending further collaboration between Town staff and industry experts. A public hearing will be re-scheduled within the next several months. The Commission will make a recommendation to the Town Council, which will make a final decision in a subsequent public hearing.
Overview: This amendment is being proposed at the request of several local organizations. The amendment would allow for digital (electronic message) signs within the Town. These are currently prohibited with the exception of gas station price signs, and "time and temperature" signs. The amendment would allow digital signs by right in commercial and industrial zones, and would require a Conditional Use Permit for signs located in residential zones. Limits are proposed on the square footage of these signs and on the amount of light emanating from the signs. An Outdoor Lighting Code amendment is also being proposed for consistency between the two codes..
Contact: Sarah More, Planning and Building Director

Subdivision and Lot Modifications Amendment

Status: Draft prepared and available for review. Drafts of changes to lot modification options (STC 18.85), changes to subdivision options (STC 18.09), and changes to roadway frontage standards (18.77) are available for review.  A public hearing was held before the Planning and Zoning Commission on December 7, 2015. The Commission recommended that the Town Council adopt the amendments.     
Next Steps: A public hearing is scheduled before the Mayor and Town Council on January 25, 2016. The  Town Council will make a final decision.
Overview: The Town of Sahuarita is in the process of updating the procedures for subdivision and individual lot modifications. Many of these changes are within Chapter 18.85, pertaining to lot line adjustments, setback modifications, and lot area modifications. Other changes are within the General Rural and Residential Regulations and throughout the residential zones, related to subdivision options such as cluster subdivisions, small lot subdivisions, and lot development options. The last portion of this amendment removes the 30' Major Streets and Routes setback from the zoning code. The intent is to provide clear and flexible processes for administrative changes to individual lot requirements and to simplify and clarify the process for modifications at the subdivision level.
Contact: Orlanthia Henderson, Planner

Copper Point Specific Plan
Date Submitted: August 13, 2014 (first submittal); March 20, 2015 (second submittal); December 3, 2015 (third submittal)
Status: Under review  (third submittal - click here to view)
Next Steps: Once all review comments have been addressed by the applicant, a public hearing will be scheduled before the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Commission will make a recommendation to the Mayor and Town Council, which will make a decision on the Specific Plan at a subsequent public hearing.
Overview: The Copper Point Specific Plan covers approximately 160 acres at the southeast corner of the Pima Mine Road and I-19 interchange. Proposed uses are mixed use, single and multi-family residential, and parks and open space.
Contact: Anna Casadei, AICP, Planning and Zoning Manager

Quick Zoning Information
The following links are designed to be easy references to assist you in finding zoning information, and are not an official source. For official zoning information, please refer to Title 18 of the Town Code or contact Planning and Zoning staff.

Zoning Map
Updated January 2016

Zoning Summary Guide
NOTE: Some of the code amendments that are currently underway or recently adopted will result in changes to the zoning summary guide. Please check with staff before making any decisions based on this guide.
This table is a quick reference to development standards for each zone. This is simply a helpful guide and is not to be considered official zoning information. Please refer to the Town Code or Town staff for official zoning information.

The General Plan
The General Plan is the roadmap guiding long-range growth and land development in Sahuarita to meet the needs of current and future populations.  It is the foundation for establishing the goals, policies and tools needed to implement the community vision.

The Town recently adopted Aspire 2035: Sahuarita's General Plan.

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