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Hatha Yoga
Instructor:                 Debbie Stenson
This yoga class guides people to accept, create and maintain the body, mind and spirit.  This includes building strength and flexibility, dealing with stress, and learning to be content and grateful – living in the moment. A place for all includes beginners, intermediate and advanced students. 

Hatha Yoga
Instructor:                 Diana Makes
Take a break from your busy day for stretching and breathing in thoughtful yoga poses. Open to all level of students. Practicing yoga provides strength, stamina, flexibility, and relaxation. Gift yourself with an hour focused only on you, and learn how good your body and mind can feel.

Beginning Hatha Yoga
Instructor:                Callie Norbury, RYT
This class is designed to learn the foundations of yoga and to understand the poses. There is a focus on building core strength and flexibility. While taking the class, participants will learn body alignment and balance as well as a basic overview of the benefits of yoga. Since this is a beginning level class, no previous yoga knowledge is necessary.

Body Balance Chair Yoga

Instructor:               Callie Norbury, RYT
Chair Yoga is a great way to get the body moving for everyone, even those who are disabled, recovering from an injury or have limited movement. Join us for relaxation, stretching, strengthening, community and smiles. Through mindful movement, focused breath and guided meditation, you may begin to find a greater sense of relaxation and perhaps a happier you.

Instructor:                Sue Jones
Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body.  Blending strength and flexibility
training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean  muscles without the bulk.  This hour class will include traditional relaxation Pilates Mat exercises along with weight strengthening for the core and body, balance exercises, stretching, ending with relaxation.  These workouts are fun and strong but not leaving you exhausted. Come out and try this class, you will feel results in your posture right after the class.

Instructor:                Michelle Cadena
Zumba is a fitness class with a fun party-like atmosphere; filled with music and dance movements to tone and sculpt the body. The easy learning environment blends cardio and muscle–toning movements to maximize the ability to burn calories at an intensive level while disguising the musical dance steps, as exercise.

Cardio Kick Boxing
Instructor:                 Sue Jones
This Intense kickboxing workout is a full-body interval routine, that will empower and motivate you.  The workout consist of boxing, martial arts movements, along with traditional aerobic skills.

Instructor:               Sue Jones
This class is a mix of basic elements that will include, interval and circuit training along with body sculpting, cardio dance and mat science routines.

Instructor:              Shawna Garcia
Pound is world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat-dropping fun of playing the drums!

Dance Cardio
Instructor:               Sue Jones
Love to dance but hate to exercise? Here is the class for you! Dance Cardio is a low impact dance cardio class that combines easy to follow dance moves along with light weight cardio routines. Hear sounds from pop music along the oldies you love while you move and grove into shape.