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Pay Fine by Mail
Available on Civil Traffic moving violations only.  In order to pay your fine in full by mail, you MUST do so prior to the appearance date indicated on the bottom right hand corner of your complaint.  Upon receiving your complaint, you should have received an envelop that contained a bond card, which would give you the information needed to pay your fine.  If you do not find your specific violation on the Fine/Sanction Schedule (Bond Card), you will need to appear on your court date.  In order to properly pay your fine by mail, please follow these steps:

•    In the middle section of your complaint, you will need to locate the "Section" area 
     (example: A.R.S. 28-701a) of the complaint.  This will give you the information to locate
     your fine amount.  On your bond card, locate the A.R.S code that will contain the
     amount that you owe to the court.  If the code does not exist on the bond card, you will
     need to appear on your court date.  

•    Once you have located the fine amount, please fill out the portion of the bond card 
     that states "I wish to plead responsible" as requested.  If you did not receive a bond
     card, on plain white paper, note the words: "I wish to plead responsible to the charge(s)
     listed on my ticket.  I am enclosing the amount listed on the bond card and do not want
     a hearing.  By choosing this option I understand that the case will be completed and 
     I do not have to appear in court".  

•    Submit a check, money order or cashier's check (Made payable to Sahuarita Municipal
     Court) along with the form listed above, in the envelop provided to you.  Along with the
     check, please provide the court a copy of the complaint or write the complaint number
     on the memo part of the check and return in the envelop provided to you with the bond

NOTE: A $25.00 NSF fee will be assessed to any checks returned for non-sufficient funds. 

Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will require you to attend Traffic Survival School (TSS) if you plead responsible for Red Light
Violation(s) or for any moving violation if under age 18 (1st offense).  If you are eligible for DDS and complete the class, the violation will be dismissed and MVD will not require you to attend TSS.  

Fine/Sanction Schedule (Bond Card)     

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