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Contest the Complaint-Request a Hearing
Plea of Not Responsible
If you choose to contest the charge(s) on your complaint you will be scheduled for a bench trial before a Judge or a Civil Traffic Hearing (CTH) officer.  If you are requesting the hearing by mail, you will need to submit the section of the Fine/Sanction Schedule (Bond Card) that states "I wish to plead "NOT RESPONSIBLE" 7 business days prior to your appearance date.  Once the court has received your request for a hearing, you will receive a copy of the Minute Entry Judgment that will have the date and time of your scheduled bench trial.  Please bring all your exhibits and witnesses at this time. 

If you did NOT receive a Fine/Sanction Schedule (Bond Card) and you wish to plead not responsible, you will need to submit the following statement on a piece of plain white paper, dated, and with a valid mailing address: I WISH TO PLEAD NOT RESPONSIBLE TO THE CHARGE(S) LISTED ON MY COMPLAINT AND WISH TO HAVE A HEARING.  Again, please submit this notice 7 business days prior to your court date. 

If you are found responsible at your hearing, attending DDS (Defensive Driving School) will NOT
be an option.

If you are a juvenile, you and a parent/legal guardian must appear at the hearing.

Failure to appear at your hearing will result in a default of your charge(s) (civil traffic charges only), additional fees will be assessed to your fine, suspension of your driver's license and possible suspension of your vehicle's registration. 

No continuances will be granted telephonically.

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