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Why Do Parks & Public Areas in Sahuarita Need Adopting?

The Town’s budget for park maintenance is not large enough to resolve the growing problem of litter in our community.  Staff would need to go out into the parks several times a day just to keep up.  In order to maintain a safe, environmentally friendly atmosphere, sincere community involvement, ownership and commitment will help the Town maintain the parks pristine and beautiful places we have and will have in the future.

Who Can Adopt a Park or Public Area?

Any community-based group can adopt a park or public space if willing to make the commitment.  The type of group includes but is not limited to civic associations, schools, neighborhood associations, religious groups, military, scout groups and other community organizations or organized groups of people, maybe from a particular business.  These groups can make an ongoing commitment to clean up and control litter in their adopted areas.  Groups are also responsible for reporting any needed repairs at their adopted sites as well as dangerous or unsafe conditions, vandalism and graffiti.

What Commitment Must a Group Make?

We ask groups to conduct a cleanup of their adopted area at least once a month, twice a month is preferred.  After each cleanup effort, the group is also asked to submit a “Work Report” form to the Town.  This form is to record the group’s volunteer hours, along with any maintenance issues that are noticed.  Timely submission of the form will help us to ensure that each area or site that is being cared for is done so consistently and that maintenance and safety issues in our public areas are addressed quickly.  If reporting forms are not received on a regular basis, the group will be contacted and asked to renew their commitment or let another group adopt their site

Click here to fill out the "Work Report" form

What Areas in the Community Can Be Adopted?

The Sahuarita Adopt-a-Park program includes all Town parks and/or facilities such as the Anamax Bark Park, baseball fields or playgrounds; however some parks have been adopted already. Interested groups should contact the Sahuarita Adopt-a-Park coordinator at 822-8889 or email at for assistance in selecting an appropriate site, or the group is welcome to suggest a site!  Neighborhood Associations are especially encouraged to request information about the Adopt-a-Park Program.

How Do We Conduct a Cleanup?

Groups can organize themselves to clean up their adopted park with dates and/or times of regular clean ups to be decided and listed on the agreement between the organization and the Town in the Adopt-A-Park Agreement that organizations will sign.   The Town does not require advance notification of each clean-up after the agreement is made, unless coordination is necessary for other community resources.  Trash bags for clean-up, as well as orange vests, are available to the group in the Sahuarita Parks and Recreation office which is located at Anamax Park, 17501 Camino De Las Quintas.  There is a special need for litter to be removed from Parks following events and holidays.  Just give us a call at 822-8889 when you need bags or have questions about collection and disposal.

Adopt-A-Park Organized Clean-Up Rules

Do We Get Recognized?

Yes! After a trial period, Sahuarita Adopt-A-Park Coordinator will make arrangements with the appropriate agency to place a sign at the adopted site and acknowledging the group’s ongoing commitment to maintain the area as a litter-free resource for the community through the Town Newsletter and a press release.

How Do We Sign Up?

Adopt-A-Park Interest Form

Or contact the Sahuarita Parks & Recreation Adopt-A-Park Coordinator