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Stand Up Paddleboard Rules

Initiated: DATE, April 2, 2016

1. Use of SUP is at your own risk, please observe your safety at all times, there are no lifeguards on duty

2. SUP is NOT to be used as a swim platform, there is no swimming, wading, diving or bathing allowed in Sahuarita Lake, this includes pets/dogs

3. SUPs can only be used during official Sahuarita Lake Park hours of operation; sunrise to sunset

4. Launching of paddleboards is only approved at the north end of the lake at the boat ramp for safety

5. All SUPs must be made of a commercially available, stiff, waterproof material, constructed by an industrial/commercial corporation. This includes material such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum or other hard surface, not of a thin, inflatable or Styrofoam (porous) type of material. (exception: commercially available inflatable SUPs must be multi-chambered and constructed of PVC with drop stitch construction)

6. Maximum length of all SUPs must be between 8 and 16 feet long

7. All paddlers must wear a leash/lanyard attached to the board AND wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD).

8. ALL paddlers under 12 years old MUST be supervised and/or accompanied by an adult.

9. Paddlers per board should not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity/limit. Only one (1) additional rider is allowed, as long as paddleboard weight limit is not exceeded, all riders and paddlers must wear a PFD.

10. If taking additional riders on board, rider must be at least 5 years old.

11. NO pets/dogs allowed on paddleboards at anytime

12. Personal behavior and boating safety - All paddlers must exhibit cordial, respectful behavior to other paddlers, boaters and other Lake Park users at all times including but not limited to; 
    a. No striking other paddlers/boaters with paddles 

     b. No splashing other Lake park users/vessels with paddles 

     c. No "horse play" on board or with other paddlers/boaters 

     d. No jumping onto or off paddle boards to and from shore or jump directly into the water 

     e. No intentional collisions with any other water craft 

     f. All paddlers/riders should know how to swim in the event of a fall 

     g. Paddleboards are not to be used in a prone or supine (lying on stomach or back) position