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Traffic Enforcment

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Traffic Violation of the month
(check here for monthly rules of the road)

 These videos are a service to help remind and educate the driving public on some of the rules regarding common traffic violations. Check back every month as the Motors will be paying special attention to these violations during their week.
Motor Officers are a common fixture in Arizona. These officers have a very specific function inside the police department. Unlike other patrol officers, Motor Officer’s have one purpose, which is to enforce traffic related statutes.  The Town of Sahuarita deploys two Motor Officers who are graduates of the Pima Regional Motor Academy the same academy that trains Pima County Sheriff, Marana P.D., Oro Valley P.D and several other agencies. The motor academy is widely considered to be the most intense law enforcement training available.

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            Use the above link to let the Officers know about traffic related problems in your area
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As Motor Officers have a specific function they also have very specific training and equipment.  Both of our Motor Officers are graduates of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety accident re-construction schools.  During the course of these schools the officers received over 200 hours of accident investigation training.
Further, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety has generously provided a great deal of money for the officer's training and equipment.  As such the Motor Unit is heavily involved in the Governor’s Impaired Driving Programs. In fact the officers have received   hundreds of hours in specialized training in reference to impaired driver detection and investigation.  The officers possess several advanced training certifications including Drug Recognition Expert.

The primary goal of the Traffic Unit is to solve traffic related problems through a combination of high visibility and strict enforcement of traffic related statutes.  Through this time tested formula the Traffic Unit stops dangerous activity before it becomes a traffic related tragedy.