Information for people or companies either currently in Sahuarita or looking to do business in Sahuarita.

Strategic Plan for Economic Development (PDF)– with a focus on recruitment of high wage employers, the town has laid out a strategic plan for developing a local, diversified, and sustainable economy.

Quick Facts about Sahuarita (PDF) – for site selectors and brokers who want to know the basic components of the town’s economic opportunities

Business Services (PDF) – many residents are interested in opening a business in the town and need access to support services to assist with business and financial planning

BizHub- Sahuarita's Co-Working Space

Doing Business in Southern Arizona - access information about regional resources to assist with business development in southern Arizona

Doing Business in Arizona – access information about statewide resources to assist with both domestic and international business development within Arizona

Financial Information– a summary of local taxes

Branding, Development and Marketing Action Plan (PDF) – An action plan for branding, marketing, development and communications projects in Sahuarita, developed by the Sahuarita Brand Development Team and facilitator, Roger Brooks International.