Residential Zones Text Amendment

Sahuarita Residential Zones Flyer

What is the residential Zones Text Amendment?

The residential Zones Code Amendment is a zoning code text amendment that impacts 16 chapters of the Town’s Zoning Code. The amendment is intended to simplify the use of the code while better reflecting the suburban character of Sahuarita. It also provides opportunities for the Town to accommodate newer trends in residential development.

What does this amendment do?

The Amendment condenses the 13 residential zones into 1 chapter. This creates one table of uses for all residential and rural zones.

The amendment removes guest houses, secondary dwellings and rear dwellings and replaces them with Accessory Dwelling Units. Comparison Table

It updates the method for calculating Maximum lot coverage for accessory buildings to a simpler and more uniform method.

It eliminates some uses that are currently permitted but are not typically found in communities like Sahuarita.

It provides for newer trends in residential housing development including tiny homes, single-family for-rent products, and smaller lot detached homes.

What does this amendment NOT do?

It does not change the regulations for Rancho Sahuarita as Rancho Sahuarita uses an older version of the Town code.

It does not change regulations established in Specific Plan documents for other Specific Planned Communities (Madera Highlands, Quail Creek, etc.). It only impacts Specific Plan communities where the Specific Plan document refers to the Town Code regulations.

How do I learn more about the amendment?

The draft amendment is available by clicking on the following link Residential Zones Draft

The following link is to a PowerPoint presentation that was used at the Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association Technical Committee Meeting  PowerPoint Presentation

The Town will be holding a joint Planning & Zoning Commission and Town Council Study session on September 26th. This study session will be held during the Town Council meeting and is open to the public.

 An in person informational meeting will be held Wednesday October 19th from 4:00 -6:00 p.m. at the Town Hall Council Chambers.

• A virtual Meeting will be held October 11th from 5:30-6:30 P.M.

How can I provide comments or ask questions?

Any feedback or questions about the draft can be emailed to