Employee Benefits


JULY 1, 2019 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2020

Insurance Benefits 

Eligibility – full-time, regular status employees are eligible to participate in the medical, long term disability, and flexible spending accounts on their date of hire. All remaining benefits become effective on the first of the month following their date of hire.

Medical – the Town currently offers a medical plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Services provided by a primary care physician are available for a $20 co-pay, services provided by a specialist are a $40 co-pay. Hospital in-patient services are paid at 90% after the deductible has been met. The out-of-pocket maximum is $2,500 for an individual and $5,000 for a family. There is a $100 co-pay for emergency room services; and a $50 co-pay for an urgent care facility. The prescription co-pays for up to a 30-day supply of medication is as follows: $15 for tier one medications, $35 for tier two medications, $65 for tier three and $100 for injectable medications.

The plan also has coverage for out-of-network services. Any service performed by a provider outside of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network would be subject to a $2,000/individual and $4,000/family deductible and then covered at 70% of eligible expenses.

Dental – we currently offer two different dental plans so an employee can elect the dental plan that best suits their specific needs.

Employers Dental Service (EDS) – is a discount dental plan where EDS contracted dentists and specialists offer up to 25% off their normal fees. The EDS plan does not have any deductibles or claim forms, and there is no annual maximum paid by the plan. The employee selects a general dentist/dental facility from the list of EDS contracted providers. The employee cost for all covered dental services is listed in the EDS booklet Schedule of Benefits.

Delta Dental - is a PPO dental plan that will pay a percentage of covered services based on the type of service performed. Services are covered at 100%, 90% or 60% depending on the type of service provided and if the dentist is in the PPO network; or at 100%, 80%, or 50% if the dentist is not in the PPO network. The annual maximum benefit is $2,500 and orthodontic procedures for dependent children are covered at 50% up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000.

Opt-Out Feature – employees who can show evidence of other medical and/or dental coverage are able to receive a cash benefit from the Town when they do not enroll in the Town medical and/or dental plan. Employees who can show proof of other medical insurance can receive $50 twice a month ($1,200 per year), and employees who can show proof of other dental coverage can receive $5 twice a month ($120 per year).

Life – is provided for employees through Mutual of Omaha in the amount of $50,000, with an equal amount of accidental death and dismemberment. The premium for this benefit is paid by the Town. Employees are able to purchase additional life insurance for themselves and their dependents.

Vision - we currently offer two voluntary vision plan available through Vision Service Plan (VSP). The only difference between the two plans is Plan B offers frames every 24 months and Plan C offers frames every 12 months. By using a participating provider you can receive an eye exam for $10 and new lenses every 12 months for $25. A $130 allowance is given for frames. Employees can also receive contacts through the vision plan.

Short Term Disability – is available through Colonial Supplemental Insurance. Employees may elect to protect a percentage of their monthly wages in the event of an illness or accident that prevents them from working. The premium for this voluntary benefit is paid by the employee. Premium rates are based on age, amount of coverage selected and the waiting period chosen. The waiting period is the length of time between the onset of the illness, or date of the accident, before the benefit is paid to the employee.

Long Term Disability – is provided through Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) or Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS). ASRS allows for 66-2/3% salary continuation, after a six month elimination period. PSPRS allows for 50% salary continuation with no elimination period. The ASRS contribution rate for disability insurance is .16% for the employee and .16% for the employer; PSPRS is included in the pension contribution rate. See PSPRS below under Retirement.

Flexible Spending Accounts – are pre-tax spending accounts for both health care and dependent care. The health care account will reimburse you on a pre-tax basis for uncovered medical, dental and vision care expenses. The dependent care will reimburse you for child or elder care services for you and your spouse to maintain employment. The health care account has an annual maximum of $2,700, and the dependent care has a $5,000 annual maximum.

Hospital Confinement Insurance – is available through Colonial Insurance. This plan provides a lump-sum benefit for a covered hospital confinement and a covered outpatient surgery to help offset the gaps caused by copayments and deductibles that are not covered by most major medical plans. The premium for this voluntary benefit is paid by the employee. Premium rates are based on the level of coverage selected.

Retirement Planning

In order to assist our employees in achieving financial security in their retirement years, the Town of Sahuarita provides several different retirement plans based on your classification and eligibility requirements.

Social Security – all Town employees are required to contribute to Social Security and Medicare. The Town matches all employee contributions.

Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) – all Town employees, excluding sworn police personnel, who meet the ASRS eligibility requirements must participate in the plan. ASRS is a defined benefit plan that helps provide for financial security during your retirement years. The current employee contribution rate is 11.64% of your gross pay. The Town also currently contributes an amount equivalent to 11.64% of your gross pay towards your retirement. The contribution percentage rate is reviewed annually and can change to ensure that ASRS receives enough contributions to pay future benefits.

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) (Sworn Police Personnel only): PSPRS is a defined benefit plan that provides financial security for all sworn police department personnel in their retirement years. Currently all eligible sworn police department personnel contribute 11.65% of their gross pay and the Town contributes an amount equivalent to 12.92% of their gross pay.

ICMA 457 Deferred Compensation Plan – is a voluntary plan that allows you to save for your retirement on a pre-tax basis, a maximum of 50% of your income or up to an annual dollar limit, whichever is less. In 2018 the annual dollar limit is $18,500.


Holidays – the Town recognizes the following legal holidays:

New Year's Day

Memorial day

Veteran's Day

Martin Luther King Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

President's Day

Labor Day

Christmas Day

In addition to the legal holidays listed above, the Town also recognizes the day after Thanksgiving as a paid holiday. 

Vacation – regular status, full-time classified employees accrue up to eighty (80) hours of vacation during their first year of employment. The accrual rate increases by eight (8) hours each year, on the employee’s anniversary date, up to the fifteenth (15) year of service for an annual maximum benefit of 200 hours.

Administrative Leave – is for regular status, exempt (not eligible for overtime pay) employees only. On January 1st each calendar year forty (40) hours of administrative leave time is credited to each eligible employee. Administrative leave time must be taken during the calendar year in which it is earned. Administrative leave time does not have a cash value.

Sick Leave – is accrued each pay period at the same rate for all eligible employees. The accrual rate is 80 hours of sick leave per year. Employees are eligible to take paid sick time during their trial period, if necessary. Employees must have a minimum of ten years of service to be paid for any sick time upon termination.

Critical Care Account – on January 1st of each calendar year, twenty-four (24) hours of paid sick time will be credited to the critical care account for each eligible full-time, regular status employee. Employees can draw upon these hours only after they have been off work on sick leave for eighty (80) regularly scheduled work hours.

Leave of Absence – the Town has different types of leaves available to employees, i.e., FMLA, personal leave, and military leave.However, senior management approval is required depending on the circumstances. If you have a need that requires you to take a leave, the human resources department will be happy to assist you.

Other Benefits and General Information

Employee Assistance Program – the Town provides all employees and their family access to confidential, professional counseling assistance. The program is administered by a third party, offers 24 hour crisis intervention and six counseling sessions per year at no charge.

Commuter Insurance – the Town maintains commuter insurance that provides employees with up to $200,000 insurance coverage should they suffer injury, coma, dismemberment, or death, during their commute to or from work. The premium for this benefit is paid by the Town.

Pay Days – Town employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule. Benefit deductions are taken from the first and second pay check of each month.

Direct Deposit – employees can elect to have their pay checks automatically deposited into a checking and/or savings account of their choice.

Benefit Option Premiums
July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019

Medical – Blue Cross Blue Shield

The following is a breakdown of contributions from the Town and the employee for the total medical premium.

Total Premium
Town Monthly Cost
Employee Monthly Cost
Employee Only
Employee + Child(ren)
Employee + Spouse
Employee + Family
$ 297.64

Dental - EDS The following is a breakdown of contributions from the Town and the employee for the total EDS premium.

Total Premium
Town Monthly Cost
Town Monthly Cost
Employee Only
Employee + Family

Dental – Delta 
The following is the breakdown of contributions from the Town and the employee for the total dental premium.

Total Premium
Town Monthly Cost
Employee Monthly Cost
Employee Only
Employee + Child(ren)
Employee + Spouse
Employee + Family

*ASRS Long Term Disability

Fiscal Year Contribution
FY 19-20 Employee Contribution
0.17% of gross pay
FY 19-20 Town Contribution
0.17% of gross pay

*ASRS Retirement

Fiscal Year
FY 19-20 Employee Contribution
11.94% of gross pay
FY 19-20 Town Contribution
11.45% of gross pay

 *PSPRS Retirement

FY 18-19 Employee Contribution
11.65% of gross pay
FY 18-19 Town Contribution
12.92% of gross pay

*Mandatory deductions based on job classification