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The Sahuarita wastewater system is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure in our community, collecting and treating the Town’s wastewater. Regular maintenance is essential to keeping this important service functioning in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. This proactive approach also saves money by identifying and fixing potential problems and interruptions before they occur.

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The Wastewater Department, with seven employees, serves the needs of more than 5,500 customers. Every year, we record, check, clean and inspect 20 percent of the Town’s entire wastewater system. That results in a full system-wide evaluation every five years. We assess, maintain and repair

  • 50 miles of pipeline
  • 1,178 manholes
  • a treatment plant
  • pumps and other equipment

The Wastewater team ensures compliance with all regulations and responds to customer service requests related to the sewer facilities. We also facilitate new development connectivity to the system, conduct planning and policy development for pursuing future delivery and treatment opportunities, oversee the design and construction of new infrastructure, and assure new development provides the appropriate infrastructure for service.

If you’d to learn more about how the system works, you can tour the Town’s treatment facility and recharge basins. Tour groups will be no more than 10 people and take about two hours. Sign up for a tour at WORKS@Sahuarita.gov or 520-344-7100.

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