Sahuarita Square is starting to take shape. Thanks to you.

Every community has a special place, a place that speaks to who we are as a community.  A place where individuals and families can feel a part of the community, like nowhere else in town.  A place where our quality of life is on display for everyone to see and enjoy.  Your Sahuarita Square will be that kind of place! 

Sahuarita Square is being designed as a hub of community activities, businesses and attractions for everyone to enjoy. We are carefully planning for managed growth, with an emphasis on providing the building blocks for the economic development, recreation and quality of life improvements you’ve told us are priorities for Sahuarita Square.  These public improvements will set the stage for further investments, both public and private.   The Sahuarita Square plan reflects your vision for our vibrant and growing community.

We want to thank our neighbors for all your thoughtful comments as we design what will be one of Sahuarita’s most exciting destinations. We have heard you, and we are inspired by your input.

Sahuarita is poised to continue building a bright future, and Your Sahuarita Square is a vital part of that future.  Stay tuned for the next steps!

Sahuarita Square