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From keeping roads paved to maintaining our wastewater system, the Department of Public Works focuses on providing and maintaining safe and efficient public infrastructure today – and in the future.

Public Works employees ensure our roadways and sidewalks are maintained, traffic signals and street lights are working, the wastewater system is operating efficiently and drainage ways are free of debris and flowing. We complete plan reviews of engineering-related improvements, issue right-of-way permits and private improvement agreements, and inspect public and privately funded projects, and more. 

The Town of Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF) currently serves approximately 5,000 customers and is designed with the flexibility to serve more customers in the future. During the past three fiscal years, Public Works has met 100 percent of department goals, and strategically reduced operating costs.

Sahuarita Road

As the Town grows so will the need to build and maintain infrastructure. When traveling around our community, please remember to slow down and use caution through work zones. While it may cause a temporary inconvenience, it’s imperative to keeping employees safe. This way, we can all work together to make a better Sahuarita for everyone.

sahuarita road looking east