Projects of interest

The Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility - Solon Solar Project


The Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility - Solon Solar Project is part of the Town's efforts to implement energy saving strategies while utilizing renewable energy sources, such as solar, to minimize operation and maintenance costs. The project will install a total of 8 solar canopies consisting of 2,586 solar modules at the Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility. The annual energy in kWh production is approximately 1,644,395 kWh.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, this Solar Project's annual production of 1,644,395 kWh has the following annual environmental benefits:

Greenhouse gas emissions from...

EPA - Graphic - Passenger Cars-01
EPA - Graphic - Miles Driven

CO2 emissions from...

EPA - Graphic - Gasoline Consumed
EPA - Graphic - Coal Burned

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by...

EPA - Graphic - Recycle
EPA - Graphic - LED Bulbs

Carbon sequestered by...

EPA - Graphic - Tree Seedlings
EPA - Graphic - Forest Acres

Quail Crossing Extension

Quail Crossing

About 0.8 miles of road was built during Phase 1 of the Quail Crossing Boulevard extension, which leads to Pima County’s new Llano Grande Trailhead. Design of Phase 2, which extends from the end of Phase 1 to Old Nogales Highway, is scheduled to be completed in March of 2021. Construction activities are anticipated to begin in the summer of 2021. When all phases are complete, Quail Crossing Boulevard will connect to Old Nogales Highway/Continental Road, improving connectivity, accessibility and mobility for travelers.


Rancho Sahuarita Boulevard (Sahuarita Road to Avenida Mitla)

The town recently contracted with Tucson Asphalt to complete pavement preservation on Rancho Sahuarita Boulevard from Sahuarita Road to Avenida Mitla. This project included the removal and replacement of some paving and an overlay of the area using Green Asphalt.20200729_071325 20200729_072341

Town Hall Pavement Preservation Project

A recent pavement preservation project was completed at Town Hall (see before and after photos below).

The Public Works department partnered with GuardTop on this pilot project to test a new pavement preservation material. GuardTop donated 1/3 of the material utilized on the projects, therefore making our dollars go farther.

Town Hall Before PhotoTown Hall After Photo

La Posada Intersection (Continental and White House)

The stoplight work along with the curbs, sidewalks and ramps are complete. Southern Arizona Paving has completed all pavement preservation work as well. 



Pima Mine Road Bridge (APWA Award Winner)

The Town of Sahuarita was the winner of the American Public Works Association (APWA) 2017 Public Works Project of the Year in the Structures category for the Pima Mine Road Bridge Replacement.

The project improves mobility for regional traffic (between I-19 and Nogales Highway) by eliminating the previous load restrictions, and accommodates future development in the area by providing a four-lane bridge crossing.

Pima Mine Road Bridge Before Page-1_Before

Pima Mine Road Bridge After

Pima Mine Road Bridge After Photo 1

Pima Mine Road APWA Award
Pima Mine Road Bridge Replacement Award

CAP Water Pipeline Extension

CAP pipes
Two 36-inch-wide extension pipes were added to the Central Arizona Project (CAP) pipeline along Old Nogales Highway. Project Renews and JPAR LLC, a water diversion group, combined to bring CAP water to Sahuarita to irrigate Green Valley Pecan fields. The extension was completed by T&T Construction in July 2019.

Santa Cruz River Bridge Replacement

Santa Cruz Bridge Side by SideAs part of the effort to reduce the amount of local groundwater used for irrigation, a pipeline was built to bring Central Arizona Project (CAP) water to Sahuarita. In 2017, the Pima Mine Road Bridge over the Santa Cruz River was replaced (left). Borderland Construction drilled shafts for the bridge and installed two 36-inch-wide CAP pipelines as part of the new bridge (right). The CAP water that flows into Sahuarita, is recharged into local basins and now is pumped out to help irrigate Green Valley Pecan fields. The irrigation project is a joint operation by Project Renews and JPAR LLC, a water diversion group.