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RANCHO Resort Tract 1 final Plat

Overview: Rancho Sahuarita proposes 100 new lots in Rancho Resort east of Rancho Resort Boulevard. (Case No. SA12-22-00014)

Submitted: 1st review: 08/29/2022  2nd review: 10/07/2022

Status: Approved by Town Council on 11/14/2022

Next Steps: None

Quail creek II unit 27 Tentative PLAT

Overview: Quail Creek proposes 126 new lots at the northeast corner of Quail Range Loop and Robson Ranch Blvd. (Case No. SA12-22-00016)

Submitted: 1st review: 10/13/2022  

Status: Comments sent 11/09/2023, waiting for resubmittal.

Next Steps: Tentative Plats are approved by Staff.