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Question: Is the cell phone tower near Quail Creek active yet?

Answer: The tower is not yet active. Verizon has experienced some delays in making the tower operational. They are hopeful that the tower will be in service by early December 2019.

Question: Why are there so many train horns in Sahuarita?

Answer: Train horns are not regulated by the town, they are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in cooperation with Union Pacific Railroad (UPR). For more information on this issue please see our FAQ’s.

Question: Is there a place in town where residents can discard brush/branches?

Answer: Here’s a link to the Sahuarita Transfer Station (landfill), which is a private business, Tucson Recycling and Waste Services:

The closest location for you is 16605 S. La Canada Rd. Sahuarita, Arizona.

There is a fee for depositing garbage there, but this is not a service provided by the Town of Sahuarita, so I’m not certain what that fee is. There is a fee chart on the pages linked to above.

Sahuarita residents can also call a private service and pay for delivery of a dumpster and recovery of that dumpster. There are multiple private buisnesses that offer this service. Some of those are: Reliable Dumpster Rentals Green Valley 520-314-9987 or Dumpster Rental Dealers Amado 520-800-6045. The town does not have any existing public services for waste collection.

Question: What can the town do to help me get better internet service?

Answer: As a general rule, municipalities do not provide internet service as they might other “utility” type services. Internet service providers (ISPs) are private firms that chose whether or not to provide service to areas, and what kind they will provide. Internet service is not considered a “utility” by the FCC, which puts some limitations on the influence local governments have over ISPs.

The town does update and install support infrastructure (that ISPs may or may not choose to use) whenever a roadway is opened for maintenance/repair, or when a new road is built.

The Town of Sahuarita did seek to become a provider of internet service a number of years back. The town sought proposals and found a vendor, and a design was developed to provide coverage for all addresses within the town limits; however, the plan was voted down by town residents, so the project was unable to move forward.

The short answer to your question is that better internet service is unfortunately limited to your choices of ISPs providing service to your area. Regrettably, our ability to help you get better service is quite limited at the present time.