Strategic Plan Document

Download the Full Strategic Plan (PDF).

As we enter into the next decade of public service, we do so with great enthusiasm and a positive outlook for what is to come. It is important to note that we do not take our responsibilities lightly as we make plans to meet the needs of our growing and vibrant community. An essential part of meeting these needs is to have a current Strategic Plan in place. The Town’s first adopted Strategic Plan was approved by action of the town council in 2014. 

This plan served us well by initiating many critical programs and projects that improved the Town’s infrastructure, improved our economy and heightened our quality of life, but there is more to do. The Town Council has recently adopted a new 2020 Strategic Plan that will serve as a guide to lead us into the next 5 years as we pursue tangible and bold endeavors.

With our 2020 Strategic Plan we intend to continue improving on the positive traits we are known for to include: community spirit, partnership, visionary leadership, and fiscal responsibility. We ask that you engage with us on this journey.

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Connect with us on social media, visit our website, come out to town-planned events, volunteer! Be active participants in the success of your town! Help us build on the wonderful base we have toward the kind of community we aspire for. Let’s continue to do what we do best, while working together on common ground toward further establishing Sahuarita as a place where life truly comes together.