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Posted on: September 17, 2018

Facts Sheet Props 469 and 470


Proposition 469

The Sahuarita Town Council unanimously approved the Copper Point Development Agreement and Specific Plan, Resolution No. 2017-0505, on June 12, 2017.  Although it was approved by the entire Town Council, a Political Committee named “Citizens for Public Integrity by Rancho Sahuarita Management Company LLC” disagreed with the Council’s decision and circulated a petition allowing this issue to be placed on the November ballot. 

Whether the development moves forward is dependent on the outcome of the vote.  If Proposition 469 is approved by voters, Resolution 2017-0505 will be approved and the development could move forward.  If the development proceeds, it could be a phased approach as is detailed in the Development Agreement.  If Proposition 469 is not approved by the voters, Resolution 2017-0505 will be voided, and the development could not move forward as planned. 

Please read “Copper Point Development Frequently Asked Questions” for detailed information about the Copper Point Development Agreement and the commitments made to the Town.

Proposition 470

In 1999 Sahuarita became a Designated Management Agency through Pima Association of Governments (PAG), which is the regional water quality planning agency for all of Pima County (excluding Tribal Lands). PAG works closely with the Designated Management Agencies to ensure implementation of the Clean Water Act.  At that time (1999), PAG also created the Sahuarita Designated Management Area (DMA), which had approximately the same boundaries as the 1999 Town Boundary. 

In 2006, PAG expanded the Town’s DMA boundaries to cover the approximate 2006 Town Boundary.  (Shown in the attached map).  Later that year, a Political Committee called the “Rancho Sahuarita Management Company, LLC Committee for Public Participation” began the 2006 voter initiative that ultimately changed the boundary for the Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF) service area back to the 1999 DMA, limiting service to primarily the Rancho Sahuarita development, unless the voters approve an expansion. 

If Proposition 470 is approved by voters, it would repeal the Town Code Section 13.35, and the Town’s service area would be expanded to the DMA approved by PAG in 2006.  The Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility is already approved and permitted to expand to its maximum capacity of 3.0 million gallons per day.  The Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility will not become a regional facility because a 3.0 capacity plant is simply too small to serve the entire region.  It will continue to serve the residential and commercial growth up to a maximum capacity of 3.0 million gallons per day.  

If Proposition 470 is rejected by the voters, the Sewer Service Area would remain the same as the DMA approved by PAG in 1999, largely serving the area known as the Rancho Sahuarita development.

PDF of Above Information and Aerial Map

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