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Posted on: March 20, 2020

No type of disposable wipe is "flushable" despite the label

wastewater public service announcment-town of sahuarita with town logo

Disposable Wipes of ANY kind should NEVER be flushed! Only Toilet Paper Please!  

Even though some products are advertised as flushable on the label, they do cause problems for our wastewater infrastructure. Unfortunately, these wipes rarely, if ever, biodegrade in our sewer system.  These wipes collect and inevitably cause clogs and equipment failures. When these wipes enter our facility, they are removed and sent to the landfill. During this time, when many folks are home, and some are having trouble finding toilet paper, some are turning to these wipes. 

PLEASE: Flush only natural waste and toilet paper. All other trash, should be disposed of in your trash can.

Sahuarita Water Reclamation Facility asks for your help. PLEASE discard ALL wipes in the trash!  Doing your part will help keep our system flowing properly.

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