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National Night Out Sahuarita
Sahuarita Recycling

Annual Sahuarita Recycling Event to be held Oct. 15

The Green Valley Council and the Town of Sahuarita will be holding a second collaborative recycle event this month. The program was made possible by grant funding obtained from Freeport McMoRan and the White Elephant. Green Valley is now providing a critical role in helping the Town host our second event.

The recycle event will be held on Saturday, October 15, from 8 a.m. until noon, in the parking lot of the Town of Sahuarita Municipal Complex, 375 West Sahuarita Center Way. The Municipal Complex is located east of the I-19 on Sahuarita Road. The event access will be available off Sahuarita Road at the intersection of Salome Way and also at Desert Gem Drive.

The Town, the GVC and partners: Sahuarita Food Bank, Beacon Group, RISE Equipment Recycling Center, Grecycle and Southwest Hazard Control are excited to provide this service to the community. The recycle event is free and open to any Sahuarita/Green Valley resident. The event will include disposal of latex and oil-based paint, electronics recycling, prescription and non-prescription drug take back, cooking grease collection and household hazardous waste. At the event, donations can be made to the GVR Foundation in the name of the recycling program. This will help the program continue with similar, future events to follow. We do ask that participants support the Sahuarita Food Bank by donating non-perishable food or money.

A separate paper shredding event has been scheduled for Saturday, December 3, at the same location. Events like these help us in our efforts to keep our Town clean, safe and beautiful, while providing residents the opportunity to recycle or dispose of unused items in an environmentally-sustainable way. 

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Whatever Floats Your Boat 2016

This year the 3rd annual “Whatever Floats Your Boat” contest was held on September 10 at Sahuarita Lake Park. Six water craft entered the competition which consists of three categories: Masters, Intermediates, and Amateurs.   

In the masters group, there was a reappearance of the homemade canoe, Ol’ Glory, taking 1st place vs. Barely A-wake, a kayak made from polystyrene covered in fiberglass. In the intermediate group were Two ladders and a Tub, a canoe made out of tubes and ladders wrapped in cellophane taking 1st place vs. Rub a Dub, Dub, 4 Boys in a Tub, which was a canoe shaped boat with outriggers made with 2-by-4’s and Rubbermaid tubs.  

In the amateurs group was Pikachu, a duct tape kayak with inner tube out-riggers taking 1st place vs. Z at Sea, a 2-by-4-framed craft with inner tubes.  After the event we did the overall crowd favorite, which Barely A-Wake won, they took home a $50 gift card and a hand-crafted paddle.

Each of the 1st place winners also walked away with a gift card of $100 and a hand-crafted paddle with commemorative engraving. 

home electrical

The Lowdown on Electric Reconnect

If your power has been disconnected for more than six months or as the result of a fire, you will need a building permit and site inspection prior to the electric utility company granting a reconnection.  Applications for an electric reconnect permit can be obtained by visiting our office at 375 W. Sahuarita Center Way or visiting Planning and Building online. Permit application submittals may be emailed to A plan check fee of $60 must be paid at time of submittal. You may pay by credit card over the phone.
If the applicant is not the property owner, a copy of the agreement between the owner and the agent or a signed letter from the property owner stating that the applicant is an authorized agent will be required. If you are a realtor, make sure to have a copy of the HUD agreement, if applicable.
Please make sure to “pre-inspect” the dwelling to help ensure that you do not fail your electric reconnect inspection. A failed inspection will cause a denial of the release of power. You will not be able to get your power turned on until after corrections are made and a re-inspection is scheduled and approved. Please verify these items prior to inspection.

  • All existing lights, receptacles and switches are in place.
  • There is no hazardous existing wiring or improper grounding/bonding.
  • All wire ends are capped (wire nuts) and no exposed wiring in the residence is allowed.
  • There is no new/recent wiring installed without permits.
  • The electrical panel has the address permanently affixed on the outside of the panel, typically under the electrical meter.
  • All circuit breakers in the electrical panel match the manufacturer of the electrical panel; if circuits have been added without a permit they must be removed or a separate permit will be required.
  • Access to the property and the electrical panel is provided.
  • Permit/inspection card is on site for the inspection; in the electrical panel or on the kitchen counter is recommended.

If you would like to schedule an inspection the same day that the electric service is being installed, coordinate a disconnect time with the electric utility company. When you submit for the electric reconnect permit, let us know you would like a same day inspection. The afternoon before the work is taking place, please contact Ted Rodriquez, Chief Building Inspector, at 520-275-3354 to coordinate.
If you have any further questions regarding electric reconnect permits you may contact the Building Safety Division at 520-822-8866.

above and beyond

Nominations for Town Employee Awards - Manager's Choice

The Manager’s Choice Awards program is a town-wide employee recognition program that acknowledges superior performance by employees. All employees are eligible for the award: full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees. Nominations for the award can come from any employee (an employee cannot nominate himself/herself), member of the community or the Town Manager.

Employees may receive multiple nominations but cannot receive more than one award per year and an employee may not receive an award for more than two consecutive years. Nomination forms are fillable. They can be emailed to Teri Bankhead or printed and sent via interoffice mail, or completed online. The deadline to submit these is November 1, and can be submitted any time before then.  

Water Heater

Hot Water Heater Installation

Most water heaters last between 10 and 15 years before they start to fail and need replacing. When internal parts get corroded or encased in a buildup of minerals, the water heater's efficiency begins to decrease. Regularly flushing the water heater helps to keep it working longer. Most home improvement stores keep water heaters in stock and often have references of licensed contractors who will complete the installation for a fee. Water heater replacement requires a permit whether it is gas or electric.

Improper installation of a water heater can cause serious injury, or property damage. Most insurance companies are now requiring homeowners to get a permit, and have it inspected. Hiring a licensed plumbing contractor to do the work will alleviate some of those concerns. Ask your contractor for a copy of the permit for your records. The new water heater should be of the same capacity as the one being replaced. (50 gallon out, 50 gallon in) The Town of Sahuarita makes it simple to have your water heater replaced. By using a certified and qualified contractor from the list supplied by the Alliance of Construction Trades (ACT)  any homeowner can have all the services taken care of, including obtaining a permit.

The ACT requires all contractors to be licensed by the state of Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and the contractors installers must pass an exam, prior to participating in this program. For a list of services, and contractors participating in this program, go to the following website.  You can also go through the Town of Sahuarita if your contractor is not on this list.

NOTE: Homeowners can install their own water heater as long as they live in the home. If the replacement is done for the sale of the home, or if it is going to be rented, a licensed contractor is required. In all cases a permit is required.

Below are some helpful troubleshooting tips to follow if you suspect your water heater is on the verge of going out:

  • If it is electric, check for power if there is no hot water. While no hot water can be a sure sign that the water heater has failed, it could also mean the pilot light is out or the circuit breaker is tripped.
  • Examine the water that comes out of the hot faucet.
  • If it appears rusty, this could mean impending failure.
  • Smell or taste the water. If the hot water has a metallic taste to it, this indicates that the water heater is close to breaking down.
  • Look for signs of muddy water or increased sediment in the water tank. Attach a hose to the drainage bib at the bottom of the water heater, turn the unit off, let the water cool, and then drain it to examine its contents. Muddy water or increased sediment could mean problems. NOTE: Always read and follow your manufacturer’s directions and warnings for your specific water heater, to avoid damaging the gas burners or heating elements.
  • Pay attention to noises your water heater makes. While there will be normal sounds as the water heats, loud cracks and pops indicate an interaction between the heating elements inside the heater and the scale and mineral deposits built up on them.
  • Take immediate action if you see leaking water around the base of your water heater, where none was noticed before. Disconnect the electricity, or turn off the gas, let the water cool down before attempting to remove and replace the water heater. Leaking water indicates an internal failure in the water heater.
Any questions, please contact the Building Safety Division at 520-822-8866.
Canoe Days

Canoe Days: Boy Scout Partnership

The Town of Sahuarita in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America Troop 301 and Rancho Sahuarita hosted their 8th annual Canoe Days at Sahuarita Lake Park.

Families who attended were provided with life jackets, a canoe and paddles. The Boy Scouts were in and out of the water helping people into the canoes, as well as riding in the canoes with families who requested assistance.

Though the event is small, it attracted more than 500 participants, making it one of the most successful Canoe Days the Town of Sahuarita has hosted. Following the event, the Boy Scouts use the canoes to complete training and earn their merit badges.

kickball tournament

SPD and Green Valley Fire vs. Sahuarita Mission - Kickball

On August 26, the young residents of the Sahuarita Mission apartments took on Sahuarita Police and Green Valley Firemen in a game of kickball. They played five innings of competitive kickball, but in the end the young residents beat the police and firemen 31 to 28. 

All competitors had a great time and Papa Murphy's provided pizza to the contestants and spectators. The Sahuarita Police Department would like to thank their partners, Green Valley Fire Department, for their participation. Also special thanks to Henry and the Sahuarita House of Worship for the use of the church parking lot, their tables and for umpiring the game. Great fun was had by both sides and due to the score there will definitely be a rematch.

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