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April 2017

Fiesta Sahuarita Successfully Moves to Spring Season

Fiesta 2017 Collage
2017 was the first year for many things when it came to Sahuarita’s annual birthday celebration. For the first time the festival was in the spring time, providing perfect sunny weather to enjoy the 110 vendors and various food trucks that participated. Over 1,900 people were admitted into the amusement park which had carnival style rides such as Pirate Revenge, Tubs of Fun and Inflatable Laser Tag. The most popular activity this year was the Bumper Balls provided by Balls Out! The Old Tucson Studio’s Can Can girls made an appearance on the main stage for the first time. As always the Town of Sahuarita thanks all of the Volunteers and Sponsors for the support in making Fiesta Sahuarita a success.

Rancho Cancer Walk Brings Worthy Cause to Community

Cancer Walk Collage

On March 4, Rancho Sahuarita Cancer Walk brought the community together to help fight cancer. Over 800 people attended the event and hundreds donated. An estimated $360,000 was collected to research and find a cure for cancer.

'Tis the Season: Some Hot Tips for Home Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

You probably don’t think about your indoor comfort system until it stops working and you become too hot. Without a doubt, many area residents will be starting up their home air conditioners as the temperatures reach the 80 degree mark and above. While starting you’re A/C is not too difficult a task, there are a few basic precautions one should consider before switching over to the cooling mode.

A/C system overview
Most new homes in Sahuarita have a split air conditioning system which consists of a condenser and an air handler. The condenser provides the refrigerant to cool the air and is located outside, due to excessive heat and noise. The air handler blows air through a cold coil and distributes the air through ducts and supply vents in the house, and is usually located either in the attic or garage. Condensate drain lines from the air handler are needed to discharge water that is released when humid air is cooled. The air filter is located at the air handler.

Check your air conditioner’s condenser and make sure it is free of leaves, and debris. It should be cleaned annually to ensure the system is performing at optimal levels; in high dust areas more frequent servicing may be required. Visually inspect the wiring and supply lines for damage from rodents.  

Check your condensate drain line to make sure it is working. Most new homes have two, the primary drain line which is down low, and a secondary drain line, which is usually in a conspicuous place, like above a window. If water is coming out of your secondary drain line, chances are your primary line is plugged. This should be addressed immediately.

Open all supply vents in the house. Closed vents can accumulate moisture and reduce the effectiveness of your cooling system.

Replace or clean your air filters. Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced.  Change your filter every month and make sure it fits tightly in the filter frame. Filters are available in a variety of types and efficiencies. This can lower your cooling system’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent. Remember ladder safety rules when changing filters; use the right one for the job.

Replacing air conditioning system
According to the Department of Energy, a large percentage of people who replace their air conditioning systems end up with the wrong size equipment. Make sure your Mechanical contractor uses Code approved software, and Manuals, which generates the data necessary to properly size your new system. This software takes in to account the square footage of the house, ceiling heights, windows, skylights, etc. Remember a building permit is required to replace a mechanical unit. You might think of your heating and cooling system as just a “box” that can be turned on or off in order to control your temperature, and comfort level. It does more than that. It has an impact on the air you breathe, moisture, and mold growth; the amount of energy you use, money you spend, and most importantly, your family’s health.

Please contact the Planning and Building Department at 520-822-8866 or visit our website at to obtain more information.

Your Gov Logo

Report Park and Road Issues to the Town: There's an App for That!

YourGov allows anyone with a smart device to report non-emergency, town-owned park or road issues at the location of the issue or when able; it allows for anonymous or registered user reporting. 

The app allows a phone snapshot of the issue to be attached, along with as much typed in description as needed; with GPS on, shown as a blue circle on the map, the location coordinates are automatically added, or you can manually move the map around to the correct location. 

Once sent from your device, the issue is converted in near-real time to a work request, which automatically alerts appropriate Parks and Recreation or Public Works personnel of the new issue.  Alerted town staff will review, validate, prioritize, and then assign the work request to a town employee’s day-to-day workflow to fix the issue.  Please note, for emergency and/or life threatening town infrastructure related issues, please call 911.


If a reported item is for an issue not maintained by the town, town personnel will report it to the appropriate agency.  If the reported item is outside town boundaries, it will not be sent to the town; instead, it will be sent to Cartegraph, who will attempt to notify the appropriate municipality.

Use of the app is simple. Create an issue by selecting the “+” (plus sign) on the app.  Satellite or normal map views are available to help pinpoint the issue; the issue being created is shown as a white circle with an orange outline.  To move the issue circle location, touch the screen to relocate it, as needed.  YourGov will show on the map any issues already reported that have not been completed as a white circle with a black outline; these can be reviewed to check if the new issue in question has already been reported. 

The website (PC) version of YourGov works similarly to the app version, with the exception of automatic GPS location of the issue, and likely touchscreen use.  To choose the issue location, either type in a street address, or move/zoom/click to the location of the issue using a mouse.  The web version of YourGov can be accessed at  On Cartegraph’s website,, there is a short, generic video and other additional information about YourGov.

Sahuarita’s website has a YourGov use and information page; go to the town’s homepage at, hover over or click on the “Help Center” tab at the top of the homepage, and then select “Report a Problem;” alternatively the direct link is”

For more information on YourGov or OMS, please contact Public Works (PW) at 344-7100, or the PW Streets Division contact John Garcia at 445-7802 (work) or 250-2979 (cell).  Remember, it’s “YourGov….” (get it?)


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Mariachi Madness -- May 5 -- Sahuarita Lake -- 6 to 8 p.m.
The Grind -- June 3 -- Pop and Rock -- Sahuarita Lake -- 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Red, White and Boom -- July 4 -- Sahuarita Lake -- 6 to 10 p.m.
Whatever Floats Your Boat -- July 4 -- Sahuarita Lake -- 6:30 p.m.
Canoe Days -- Aug. 12 and 13 -- Sahuarita Lake -- 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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