What about the single access to the site crossing the railroad? Isn’t Union Pacific concerned? What about fire access? UPDATED 11/8/2023

Union Pacific will require a private crossing agreement with Vulcan. As part of this agreement, a Safety Diagnostic is being performed and will include recommended safety measures for the crossing based on the proposed use (number of daily crossings, users, etc.).  

The Town Fire Marshal has coordinated closely with Green Valley Fire Department to analyze the International Fire Code for any requirements that would negate the ability to use this access point for fire access. Preliminarily, the determination of the Fire Marshal is that the railroad crossing is not contrary to the requirement for fire access. Staff is continuing to research this topic, and compliance with the fire code will be required. 

11/8/2023 Update: The Safety Diagnostic with UPRR was completed on September 27, 2023. Requirements will include installing lights and gates at the crossing, widening the crossing surface, sign installation, paving the driveway, and using flaggers in the event that the plant opens prior to installation of the lights and gates.

The fire code allows the Fire Marshal discretion to require a secondary access based on his/her knowledge of the anticipated magnitude of a potential incident. UPRR has informed staff that they have reviewed their incident reports related to this crossing and have not found any incidents of delay or blockage. The Town Fire Marshal, in conjunction with Green Valley Fire District and after consultation with the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association, has made a determination that additional access and/or a grade separated crossing to the site will not be required. This determination is based on the potential for blockage of the access road as well as limited potential for public harm in the event of a fire incident.  

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1. Why didn’t the town just dismiss the application outright?
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11. What about the single access to the site crossing the railroad? Isn’t Union Pacific concerned? What about fire access? UPDATED 11/8/2023
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