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1. Best ways to handle a move with pets
2. How much does it cost to get a dog license in the Town of Sahuarita?
3. Where is the HSSA shelter?
4. Will HSSA accept all stray Sahuarita animals?
5. What if my pet gets out and is taken to HSSA?
6. What should I do with a cat or dog that I can no longer take care of?
7. I’m not sure if I am a Sahuarita resident. How can I find out if I live in the Sahuarita town limits?
8. If I live in Green Valley, can I go to Anamax Recreation Center to license my dog?
9. Who do I call if there is a stray dog in my neighborhood?
10. Who do I call if my neighbor’s dog is constantly barking?
11. What do I do if I see an animal I suspect is rabid?
12. What do I do if an animal bites me?
13. Who do I call about wild animals?
14. Who should I call to report loose livestock?