Maintenance Requests Banner -  with parks, pipes and streets in background

Public Works handles all concerns related to public roads and rights of way as well as the Town Hall Municipal Complex, including items such as street maintenance, signs, graffiti and traffic signals. If traffic signals are inoperative or present an immediate life-safety hazard, call 911.

Wastewater handles concerns related to sewer infrastructure such as pipes, manholes and odor issues.

Parks and Recreation handles Town of Sahuarita public parks and concerns with playgrounds, ramadas, sport fields, courts, dog parks, restrooms, lighting, irrigation, tables, benches trash cans, turf, trees, paths, trails, and other park features. At school parks, maintenance is primarily overseen by the school district. Private parks are overseen by homeowner associations.

If you report a concern for an item that needs to be reported to another agency we will do our best to provide you with information on the agency responsible for that item as long as you provide your contact information along with your maintenance request.