What is the “Call to the Public” Agenda Item?

Comments on issues not on the Council agenda may be made under “Call to the Public ”, which occurs at the beginning of the meeting.

State Law requires that Call to the Public be limited to discussions on Town issues which are on the Consent Agenda and/or issues which the Town can lawfully act upon at a future meeting. No discussion is permitted on issues over which the Town Council does not have the power to act in the future.

Remarks must be limited to three minutes or less and should only consist of general statements about the Town or the Town Council as a whole, and not personal attacks or direct arguments. If the issue you are raising is not listed on the agenda, State Law prohibits the Town council from discussing your issue, or even responding to your concern at this meeting.

At the conclusion of Call to the Public, individual members of the Town Council may respond to criticism made by those who have addressed the Council; ask staff to review the matter, or request that the matter be placed on a future agenda.

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