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Communications Project Request: Special Events

  1. TownofSahuarita.png
    Please submit this form 90 days prior to the special event date.
  3. Please include specific details regarding the event - themes, colors, intended audience, etc. Please feel free to attach additional information or samples of requested materials.
  4. Attach additional pages and/or samples.
  5. Items Needed
  6. Submit a Word document containing event program content details including event name, date, program information, etc.
  7. Submit the date and time photographer is needed.
  8. Have specific shots in mind? Please list them above.
  9. Submit a Word document outlining the invite details including the time, date, location, etc.
  10. List special instructions for banner - no grommets, delivery to...
  11. List the speaker and the audience and list the main points, announcements and highlights that must be covered in the talking points.
  12. Provide the details to be included in the news release.
  13. For Communications Use Only - DO NOT COMPLETE
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