Does Sahuarita have impact fees or property taxes?

No, Sahuarita does not charge impact fees or property taxes. The property taxes that Sahuarita property owners pay are all designated to entities other than the Town of Sahuarita (school district, fire district, Pima County, etc.). 

Some portions of Rancho Sahuarita and Quail Creek are located within a Community Facilities District (CFD) that pays for infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc.) directly benefiting the residents of those areas. Properties within CFD boundaries have an additional assessment that is designated for the CFD and is paid with property taxes.

You can view the assessments for a particular property on the Pima County Treasurer's Office website. Search for your property, click on the State Code number, and then click on the Tax Area number in the right-hand column to view the list of assessments and tax rates.

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