Business / Regulatory Licenses

Find a Business License

Is a business licensed in the Town of Sahuarita? You may search for a business license through our online business portal or view a list of licensed door-to-door and street vendors.

Application for Licenses

There is no fee for a general business license application or timely renewal.

Regulated licenses such as Door-to-Door Sales and Street Vending require application and renewal fees. 

Applications for the type of business you wish to pursue are available online from our business license portal. The applicant must answer all questions and provide forms of identification, including proof of legal residence and, in some instances, a landlord permission letter, fingerprints (there is a six - eight week processing time), passport pictures, and a background check.

Upon Approval

The Planning and Building Department reviews all new, local license applications before issuance. Once your application is approved, we'll notify you that your license is available for printing from the business license portal. Your license must be displayed while conducting business.

  1. General Business License
  2. Door to Door
  3. Street Vending
  4. Massage Establishments
  5. Fees

It is unlawful for any person, whether as principal or agent, or for any corporation, to commence, practice, transact, or carry on a trade, occupation, or business within the town limits without first having procured a business license. All home-based businesses must receive a zoning clearance from the Planning and Building Department.  For your convenience, the Home Occupancy application is included in the business license application. 


Exemptions from the licensing requirements:

  • Agencies of any federal, state, or local governments
  • Bona fide religious organizations
  • Fraternal and service clubs
  • Non-profit educational institutions
  • Non-profit private clubs where a basic membership fee covers the cost of the facilities

Additional Resources

  • View the town code for complete town compliance information 
  • Fees - see Fees tab
  • Apply for a license