1. Permanent Signs
  2. Temporary Signs
  3. Comprehensive Sign Plans

For signs that require a building permit...

Most permanent signs require a building permit. For these signs, submit directly to Building Safety. The application will be routed to Planning & Zoning for review as part of the building permit review process.

Sign regulations are found in Sahuarita Town Code Chapter 18.79. Please be aware that if your sign will be located in Rancho Sahuarita, the Rancho Sahuarita Specific Plan and the 1995 Zoning Code will be the governing documents. Several other shopping centers have Comprehensive Sign Plans on file that will also apply. Staff recommends that you check with us to verify which requirements will apply prior to submittal.

For signs that do not require a building permit...

Application is made directly to Planning & Zoning using the Zoning Clearance application form when a building permit is not required. Signs that do not require a building permit are non-electric and under 7 feet in height (6 feet in height for masonry block construction).