Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of the Department of Law is responsible for the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes and civil violations that occur within the Town’s boundaries in the Sahuarita Municipal Court. It represents the State in all such cases, and in so doing safeguards the constitutional rights of defendants and the rights of victims and their families.

The Criminal Division of the Department of Law works with the officers and staff of the Sahuarita Police Department in the investigation, charging and prosecution of criminal cases within the Town limits.

The Criminal Division also upholds the rights of crime victims within the Town, by keeping them informed of the progress of their cases and allowing them meaningful input. 

The mission of the Criminal Division is to ensure that justice is served and that a fair, thoughtful, and appropriate resolution is achieved in all matters.

Criminal Division:
Rona N. Kreamer, Town Prosecutor
Phone (520) 822-8830, Fax (520) 822-8834

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