Criminal Division

Department of Law

On March 31, 2010, the Town changed from contracting prosecution services with an outside firm to forming the in-house Criminal Division of the Department of Law.

Rona N. Kreamer is the Town Prosecutor. This division prosecutes crimes in the Sahuarita Municipal Court, which has jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes and civil violations occurring within the Town limits. The staff of the Criminal Division works with the officers and staff of the Sahuarita Police Department in the investigation, charging and prosecution of criminal cases within the Town. The Criminal Division also upholds the rights of crime victims within the Town, by keeping them informed of the progress of their cases and allowing them meaningful input.

If you are the victim of a crime, you have the right to confer with the prosecutor about the charges; you will receive a letter from the Prosecutor’s Office informing you of your rights and requesting further information from you. If you incurred medical or other expenses as a result of the crime committed against you, please look for this letter as it contains information regarding restitution as a crime victim. We are sorry for the inconvenience you have endured but request that you return the restitution form as soon as practically possible as we cannot obtain restitution from the defendant without that information.

If you are a defendant, the prosecutor will have a brief opportunity to discuss your case with you at the time of the arraignment. If you would like to speak more extensively with the prosecutor than the time constraints of court will allow, please call or write to arrange such a time.

Any questions for the Town Prosecutor may be directed to the Town Prosecutor.