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The Town of Sahuarita is constantly growing and with new growth its hard to know where in Sahuarita's town limits you reside. Click the link above to find out where you lie in the town line.
Animal Services

The Town of Sahuarita provides animal control services. We are committed to providing the best customer service to our residents while ensuring fiscal responsibility. Click above to learn more about options and information. 


You will find a centralized source for town news on this page. The communications division of the town manager department disseminates information about the town with the communications coordinator serving as official town spokesperson. 

The division also administrates the town website and social media; develops and edits publications; develops and executes marketing and advertising strategies; and serves graphic design, writing/editing, photography, and video needs for all town departments as well as mayor/council.

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The Civil Division of the department of law consist of the town attorney, a deputy town attorney, and a paralegal. The Criminal Division of the department of law consists of the town prosecutor and a legal assistant.
Department of law staff are committed to providing efficient and effective representation of the town’s needs. Visit the department of law pages by clicking the graphic link above.

Economic Development

The economic development department works to promote the growth of business and economy in Sahuarita. It provides educational resources and programming for local businesses and lays the groundwork for future growth.


The finance department manages all town finances and financial planning, ensuring that tax dollars are well accounted for and spent.

The department's chief concern is ensuring firm financial footing for Sahuarita's future.

Human Resources

The human resources department partners with all departments to hire a diverse workforce dedicated to serving the residents of Sahuarita. In addition to the recruitment process, the human resources department is responsible for compliance with state and federal employment laws, benefits and compensation management, employee relations, and workers compensation. 

Municipal Court

The Town of Sahuarita Municipal Court upholds the law and administers justice fairly and efficiently, treating all who come to the court with dignity and respect.

The court operates by Arizona law to hear violations within the town’s limits. The court adjudicates all criminal/traffic misdemeanor cases, civil traffic cases, town code violations and certain juvenile offenses.


Sahuarita Parks, Recreation and Community Services oversees the development, maintenance and use of all public parks within the town limits. The department provides recreation programs, special events, community engagement, and resource information.

Planning and Building

The planning and building department provides building permits for construction within the town limits and inspects all projects for quality and safety. 

The planning and zoning division is responsible for coordinating the review of new subdivision plats and commercial development plans for compliance with town policies and regulations, including the town's general plan, which establishes conceptual goals for decades to come.

Police Department

The Sahuarita Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting town residents and businesses.

Public Works

The public works department manages and executes town infrastructure and projects including roads, traffic signals, and the town's wastewater utility.

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk Department maintains and preserves the town's official records, conduct elections accurately and impartially, and provides information in a timely manner to the public, town staff and officials.

The Town Clerk supports the council goal of accessible and responsive government by preparing and keeping minutes of the town council meetings; processing business licenses in a timely manner; overseeing the timely and accurate accumulation, preservation, and accessibility of public records; conducting fair and open municipal elections; and ensuring legal compliance of all official postings, public notices, and related advertising. 

The Sahuarita Town Clerk Department exists to ensure the integrity of municipal governance through the administration of the electoral, legislative, and record keeping processes. The department consists of four primary service activities: records management; business license issuance; council agenda and meeting support; and the conduct of elections.

Town Manager

The town manager directs and coordinates staff to implement town council policies and decisions with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

The town manager serves at the pleasure of Sahuarita Town Council as an appointee. Department directors are hired by the town manager and work under the direction of the manager to create a strategic plan (with council's guidance and input) that provides a framework for accomplishment of town goals. The manager juggles town projects that involve both day-to-day operations and long-term goals.

Wastewater Utility

Wastewater Utility - The Sahuarita wastewater system is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure in our community, collecting and treating the Town’s wastewater. 

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping this important service functioning in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. 

This proactive approach also saves money by identifying and fixing potential problems and interruptions before they occur.

The wastewater team ensures compliance with all regulations and responds to customer service requests related to the sewer facilities. 
 For billing and account information, as well as more info on the service provided by wastewater employees, click the graphic link above.