Planning and Zoning Ordinances, Codes, and Substantive Policy Statements

Aspire 2035: Sahuarita's General Plan (PDF) - Guides Town policy and decision-makers and staff in planning for the future of the Town. Provides a vision to achieve and provides the Town with guiding policy to help shape the form and the internal design and layout of the community. Provides direction for people who wish to open or expand businesses in the community and those interested in developing land here.

Zoning Code (PDF) - The Zoning Code provides for the creation of zoning districts, prescribes area requirements, the use classes of buildings, structures, improvements, and premises in said zoning districts. The Code also adopts a map of said zones, defines terms, established boards and commissions, provides for the adjustment, amendment, and enforcement of the Code, and prescribes penalties for the violation thereof. This Zoning Code applies to the entire Town, with the exception of specific-planned areas with their own zoning regulations.

Riparian Habitat Mitigation Standards and Implementation Guidelines (PDF) - Provides standards and guidelines to preserve and/or enhance riparian vegetation and habitat along watercourses and floodplains.

La Jolla Verde Commercial Center Specific Plan (PDF) - Provides specialized zoning regulations for the La Jolla Verde Commercial Center.

Madera Highlands Specific Plan (PDF) - Provides specialized zoning regulations for Madera Highlands.

Quail Creek Specific Plan (PDF)  - Provides specialized zoning regulations for Quail Creek.

Rancho Sahuarita Specific Plan (PDF) - Provides specialized zoning regulations for Rancho Sahuarita. Where the Specific Plan is silent, the grandfathered 1994 Zoning Code applies.

Sahuarita Farms Specific Plan (PDF) - Provides specialized zoning regulations for Sahuarita Farms.

2012 Outdoor Lighting Code (PDF) - Provides standards for outdoor lighting so that its use does not unreasonable interfere with astronomical observations. Encourages conservation of energy without decreasing safety, utility, security, and productivity while enhancing nighttime enjoyment of property within the Town. This outdoor lighting code applies to the entire Town with the exception of the Rancho Sahuarita Specific Plan area, which uses the grandfathered 1993 Outdoor Lighting Code (PDF).

Development Review Application Checklists and Required Notes - Provide lists of deliverables, required elements, and useful information for submittal of plats, development plans, and landscape plans.

Subdivision Amendment Policy (PDF) - Provides guidelines for determining the appropriate process for changes to approved plats.