Temporary Signs

Most Temporary Signs require a sign clearance from Planning & Zoning. Regulations for Temporary Signs are found in STC 18.79.080.D of the Zoning Code. However, please note that regulations for Rancho Sahuarita are different. It is recommended that applicants for temporary signs check with Planning & Zoning before submitting.

When you’re ready, submit your materials by one of the following methods:

Required submittal items are:

  • A completed Application for Temporary Sign (not required if applying through Accela Citizen Access)
  • A site plan showing the proposed sign location(s). Include the distance from the sign to the property line.
  • A sketch of the proposed sign(s) with dimensions
  • Fees in the amount of $30.00 per sign type. If you are applying by email, the fee may be paid by phone. Staff will contact you to confirm the amount. If applying through the Accela Citizen Access portal, fees may be paid online.