Zoning Clearances

A zoning clearance is required for most construction projects that affect the exterior of a property. For projects that require a building permit, a separate zoning clearance is not required; the zoning review will be done as part of the building permit review. For other projects, a zoning clearance may be required even though a building permit is not. 

Examples of projects requiring a zoning clearance are:

  • Walls/fences
  • Sheds under 200 square feet without electrical or plumbing
  • Ramadas under 200 square feet without electrical or plumbing
  • Signs without electrical

Zoning clearances are encouraged to be submitted online through Accela Citizen Access. If you cannot submit online, complete the Zoning Clearance Application form and submit it either in person at the Planning & Zoning Division or by email to abranz@sahuaritaaz.gov. Required submittal materials include:

  • Completed application form (not required if submitting through Accela Citizen Access)
  • Fee
  • Site plan with dimensions (particularly the dimensions of the new structure and distances to property lines and other structures)