Other Applications

  1. Setback Modifications
  2. Home Occupations
  3. Pre-Application Meeting
  4. Conditional Use Permits
  5. Lot Line Adjustments/Parcel Splits
  6. Temporary Uses
  7. Variances
  8. Wireless Communication Facilities
  9. Easement . Abandonment
  10. Riparian Habitat Applications
  11. General Plan Amendments
  12. Right-of-Way Abandonment

Setback Modifications

The Zoning Code specifies distances that structures must be located from property lines and from other structures. These distances are called setbacks. If you have a circumstance that requires you to build into the required setback, a Setback Modification may allow you to do so. Neighbor signatures are typically required. 

Staff recommends that you discuss your proposed setback modification with us prior to applying. You will be provided with a list of neighbors that you will be required to notify.

Modification of Setback Application (PDF)