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  1. Wanna Know? Ask Us!

    This online tool is an avenue for residents to ask questions directly of town staff and council. You may also use it to submit general... More…

Economic Development

  1. EDGE Application

    Energize, Develop, Grow Excel Application

Parks Forms

  1. Park/Trail Steward Application

    The Park/Trail Stewards Program is for interested participants to show support for their community by volunteering to maintain the... More…

  1. Park/Trail Steward Report

    We ask groups to conduct a cleanup of their adopted area at least once a month, twice a month is preferred. After each cleanup effort... More…

Police forms

  1. Stolen Bicycle Check

    Checks to see if a bicycle theft has been submitted to property

  1. Tips

    criminal activity tips

Town Clerk

  1. Boards & Commissions Application

    Application form for applicants interested in serving on a town board or commission (6/1/18).

  2. Communications Project Request: Special Events

    Request for communication collateral.

  1. Communications Project Request

    Request for communication collateral.

  2. Online Business License Survey

Town Manager

  1. Sahuarita App

    Gather information on what Sahuarita wants from a hometown app

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Volunteer at Town Hall

    There are several opportunities to volunteer at the Town Hall Complex. Town Manager Department, Town Clerk Department, Department of... More…

  2. Volunteer with Sahuarita Police

    There are two programs for volunteering with SPD. The VIPS program is designed to address the increasing demands on law enforcement by... More…

  1. Volunteer with Public Works

    There are several opportunities to volunteer with the Public Works Department. Adopt-A-Road, Adopt-A-Wash, Beat Back Buffelgrass,... More…