Civil Division

The Civil Division provides verbal and written legal advice to the Town Council, Town Manager, Town Department directors, Town Boards and Commissions, and other Town staff in order to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. This includes compliance with the Arizona open meeting laws, public records laws, and many other laws that are peculiar to municipalities.

The Town Attorney is required by state law to prepare, read, approve, and sign all contracts, intergovernmental agreements, leases, resolutions, ordinances and other legal documents prior to their submission to the Town Council, in order to assure that not only is the document in compliance with state law, but also within the authority of the Town.

The Civil Division prepares agreements with developers for provision of infrastructure, coordinates the acquisition of land for public uses, and works with Town staff, developers and merchants to foster and promote economic development.

The Civil Division also works with the Town Clerk to assure compliance with all election laws and regulations, and performs other legal tasks as required.

Civil Division:
Jon Paladini, Town Attorney
Phone: 480-687-3239  

The Civil Division can only provide legal services to the Town of Sahuarita. If you need legal assistance, there are resources for residents and the links below can assist you in finding an attorney for consultation or representation:

Southern Arizona Legal Aid
Lawyer Referral Service Pima County Bar Association
Pima County Superior Court Finding a Lawyer
City of Tucson Legal Assistance
State Bar of Arizona Find a Lawyer
Arizona Law Help

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