Civil Traffic Matters

Municipal Court with digital rendering of a building

You have just received a complaint, what do you do next?

Your court date and time will be located on the top right corner (ECitations) and the bottom right hand side (hard copy).

If your complaint is a Criminal Misdemeanor/Traffic charge or a blended case (Criminal charge with Civil traffic), you must appear in court on your court date and time.

If you received a civil traffic violation(s), you are not a Juvenile and there was no accident involved, you have three options:

  • Plead responsible and pay your fine in full by mail
  • Plead NOT responsible/Contest the charge by mail
  • Attend defensive driving school

When you received the citation, you were given an envelope with a bond card that contains information about the options list above.

If you are a juvenile (under the age of 18), regardless of your charge(s), you must appear in person on your court date and time WITH A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.

NOTE: If you are paying your citation online you will also need to submit a responsible plea to the court in writing. By pleading responsible you agree that you are pleading responsible to the civil traffic charge(s) and do not wish to appear before a Judge or a Civil Traffic Hearing Officer. JUVENILES MUST APPEAR BEFORE A JUDGE BEFORE ANY ONLINE PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED

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