Contest the Complaint-Request a Hearing

Plea of Not Responsible

If you choose to contest the charge(s) on your complaint you will be scheduled for a bench trial before a Judge or a Civil Traffic Hearing (CTH) officer, 30 days after your request has been filed with the court.

If you are a juvenile, a parent or legal guardian MUST appear with you.

If you are requesting the hearing by mail, complete the Request for A Hearing by Mail, option #3 on your Fine/Sanction Schedule (bond card) prior to your court date, or you may appear in person on your court date and time to request a hearing. An order from the Judge or Hearing Officer will be mailed to the mailing address you provided on the mail in form with the court date and time. Please bring any exhibits or witnesses with you at this time.

If you are found RESPONSIBLE at your hearing:

  • Attending DDS (Defensive Driving School) will not be an option
  • A sanction/penalty will be imposed at the time of the hearing. You may be placed on a payment plan which may add additional fees or you may pay your sanction/penalty in full on the day of your hearing.
  • Your plea of responsible will be recorded with MVD, unless the charge is a Town Code Violation or parking violation.

You have the right to appeal a final decision of the Court by filing a Notice of Appeal within 14 calendar days of the responsible judgement. You will be given a Right to Appeal packet at the end of your hearing.

Failure to appear at your hearing will result in a default of your charge(s) (Civil Traffic only). Additional fees will be assessed to your fine, and possible suspension of the registration.

  •  No continuances will be granted telephonically.