Defensive Driving School

You may have received more than one charge on your Civil Traffic complaint. By attending DDS only one of the moving violation charges will be dismissed.


  • BEFORE you call to schedule your class, please verify with the court that your citation has actually been filed with the court.
  • You MUST enroll and complete the class 7 days prior to your court date. If you need an extension to complete the class, you will need to appear on your court date and time
  • Your complaint is a civil traffic moving violation only
  • You have NOT attended DDS in Arizona within the last 12 months (violation date to violation date).
  • Your case is NOT set for a hearing. You waive your right to attend DDS once a judgement is made in your case.
  • You do NOT possess a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)
  • If you are a minor, your MUST appear with a parent or legal guardian on your court date and time and request to complete DDS

You have two ways to register for DDS:

  • Call 1-888-334-5565 or
  • Online
  • Please keep the certificate of completion for your records. The school will notify the court that you have completed.