Strategic Plan 2023 - 2028


Nestled in the heart of southern Arizona’s diverse landscape, the Town of Sahuarita embodies a vibrant blend of tradition and progress. This strategic plan encapsulates our commitment to fostering a thriving community that embraces change while cherishing its roots.

Adopted in May 2023 by Mayor and Town Council, the 2023-2028 Town of Sahuarita Strategic Plan is our compass – it will prepare, guide, and propel our organization into the next chapter.

As we forge ahead, these five focus areas containing a total of 15 goals will drive our work:

• Economic Expansion & Placemaking

• Outreach & Communication

• Infrastructure & Facilities

• Community Well-Being

• Highly Performing Organization

Through collaboration and data-driven strategies, we’re weaving a future that harmonizes our unique heritage with innovative solutions. With every step, we honor our history, address the community’s needs, and build the foundation for a sustainable future for our town.

Economic Expansion & Placemaking

Facilitate strategic public and private investment in targeted areas that drive economic prosperity and growth and create a sense of place.

Outreach & Communicaton

Creates ways for Town Council and staff to communicate and create effective partnerships. Engage with residents and businesses, fostering a greater perception of transparency while creating ways to enhance community and bring various neighborhoods together.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Building and maintaining public infrastructure (such as roads, parks, facilities, etc.) that serves the basic needs of our community and brings various neighborhoods together.

Community Well-Being

Enhancing the quality of life in our community through services and amenities.

Highly Performing Organization

Cultivate a service-first culture by recruiting and retaining a highly skilled Town workforce that provides superior service.

Our Mission

The Town of Sahuarita is dedicated to being a vibrant, innovative and diverse community with exceptional municipal and fiscal leadership, public safety, amenities, and economic prosperity that creates an outstanding quality of life for all.

To learn more about our goals within each section of our Strategic Plan please download our Strategic Plan Packet.