Ordinance   Description Adoption Date
  Approved Ordinance No. 2021-159   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2021-159
Adopting a Town Code Amendment to Chapter
2.20.050 (Positions Appointed by the Town Manager).
November 8, 2021
  Approved Ordinance No. 2022-160   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2022-160 Adopting a Zoning Code
Text Amendment to Chapter 18.69.070 (Assurance Requirements).
January 24, 2022
  Approved Ordinance No. 2022-161   Sahuarita Ordinance No. 2022-161 Adopting 162 Acre Parcel of Land Owned by Green Valley 28 L.L.P. and Adopting La Villita Specific Plan