Courtroom Standards

Municipal Court with digital rendering of a building

Upon entering the courthouse, you are required to observe
 the following standards:

  1. No weapons of any kind may be allowed in the court building pursuant to A.R.S 13-3102A (10). This includes guns, knives, chains, mace and baton. Other items such as tools, kitchen utensils, nail files, key holders, and scissors may also be restricted. Violation of this statute is a class one misdemeanor and you will be subjected to criminal prosecution.
  2. You will be subjected to pass through a metal detector. ALL bags will be removed and processed through an X-Ray machine. To avoid detection of any sort, please follow the standards set in Rule #1 by removing these items from your person before entering the courthouse. A hand held wand will also be utilized to aid in the search for metal objects.
  3. Food, drinks or chewing gum are not allowed in the courthouse. Please dispose of such items prior to entering the courthouse. Court Security will NOT be allowed to harbor any such items at their security vestibule.
  4. Please wear suitable clothing. While clothing need not be formal, no one will be allowed in the courthouse without shoes or a shirt. T-shirts with offensive slogans or pictures are also not allowed. Hats or dark sunglasses must be removed before entering the courtroom.
  5. All cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices are to be shut off prior to entering the courtroom.
  6. Please sit quietly when court is in session. Court proceedings are being recorded and background conversations can interfere with the audio taping of that record.
  7. When your name is called, you will have a seat at the table to the left. Never approach the bench unless the Judge has directed you to do so. Do not attempt to speak to the Judge or Hearing Officer from the audience.
  8. If at all possible, please avoid bringing small children to court. We recognize that at times this may not be possible, thus if necessary to do so, please monitor their behavior and keep them as quiet as possible. If a child becomes noisy or unruly, you and your child may be asked to leave the courtroom.
  9. Under certain circumstance, a defendant my be detained and booked into the Pima County Jail immediately after a court appearance.
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